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STG FolderPrint Plus STG FolderPrint Plus

Print and visualize your folders. Find out where your hard drive space went - and locate all your hard-to-find junk files.

Get a great view of your hard drive (sample) and find out what folders are using more space. Save money by avoiding buying a new hard drive, when all you had to do was delete files you didn't even know you still had!

Use the move, copy and multiple file rename functions to quickly organize your files and save disk space.

Choose just the columns you want - no need to waste paper or your time with columns you don't need.

Lists can include extra music information - music titles, author names, and more. Get an easy catalog of your music with full detail.

View, find and print all files inside ZIP and RAR files. No need to open them one by one to figure out just what is in

Export your folders to documents (Text), (CSV), Excel, PDF, images (JPG, PNG) or web pages (HTML). You can easily put them on the web, change them more in Excel or send them to a friend.

Use our CD-ROM Cover Report to print cover for your data CDs and DVDs - and never again have to open them on your computer just to figure out where that file you need is!

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5000+ licenses sold in 62 countries!

  Clipfast   Clipfast


Organize your notes and create shortcuts for frequently used text.

Great for forms, data-entry software, support and any activity where you have to enter the same text frequently.

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  Freeware Utilities

Freeware Utilities by Starglider Systems. STG Picture Merge, MonthPlan, STG TimeCalc and more.

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