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System Requirements: Windows 7, 8 or 10

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STG FolderPrint Plus STG FolderPrint Plus - Print Directory Tool

Print a Directory quickly using STG FolderPrint Plus

It really takes only a few seconds - choose your directory, press Scan and then press Print!

Directory Print Features

  • Graphical Output, including file type icons and the folder hierarchy.
  • Allows you to print and visualize large numbers of folders and files - your whole hard drive at once!
  • Filter by as many file masks as you want (include or exclude), dates, file sizes or content.
  • Sort, reorder, resize or remove any column, get the exact look you want.
  • Many print options - colors, backgrounds, headers, footers, etc.
  • Export to HTML, Excel, CSV, JPG, PNG, PDF or Text.
  • MP3 and WMA support - add length, artist name, etc to your output.
  • View and print the files inside your ZIP and RAR files.
  • Compact Output - get the name of all files while saving paper.
  • CD-ROM Cover Report - get a nice printed cover you can insert in CD cases.
  • Multilingual Interface - English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, French and Spanish.

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