Windows File Management for the Business and Home User

Starglider Systems has released STG FolderPrint Plus v. 2.0, a Windows application that makes file
management easier by letting you discover how your hard drive space is being used, as well as
visualize and print your files and folders. With its special treatment of compressed ZIP archives
and MP3 music files, FolderPrint is designed with both the business person and hobbyist in mind.

It's easy to locate files and folders anywhere on the hard drive. You can quickly create filters
for including or excluding filename patterns and file types. Using simple checkboxes, you can
determine whether to search for files or folders, how deeply to search within each folder, and
whether to filter the search by dates or file sizes. You can even search for files that are
compressed inside ZIP archives.

In addition to viewing the name, size, number of files, percent if space used, date created and
modified, folder, attributes, and type, you can also create a description for each file or folder.
With the ability to show version numbers for EXE and DLL files, FolderPrint makes it easy to
identify the latest program versions on your computer. You can easily rename files if you have
multiple copies on your hard drive. There is even a multi-file rename function.

FolderPrint lets you display the results on your screen, print them, or export them to a number of
file formats including text, comma-separated values, HTML, Excel, or images (JPG or PNG). You can
sort, resize, or remove any column. Reports include an icon for each file, and a colorful bar chart
that depicts file sizes. Users have complete control over headers, footers, font colors, and

MP3 collectors will appreciate the ability to view the name of the music file, its length in
minutes and seconds, the sampling rate frequency, bitrate, title, artist, album name, year of
release, genre, and all user-supplied information about the music file.

Whether you're a business person who needs to find files that are compressed and archived in ZIP
files, a home user who wants to their hard drive clean so they can avoid buying an expensive new
drive, or a music collector who wants to be able to locate songs quickly, FolderPrint puts you in
control of your hard drive.

STG FolderPrint Plus v. 2.0 runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP, costs $21.95(US), and may be
purchased securely online at Multi-user discounts and site licenses are
available. You can download a free trial version of FolderPrint from the same web address.